About Markster Con (Event Producer)

Originally headquartered in Atlanta but now Richmond, Markster Con is a year-round, full-time event production company geared mainly towards the geek and alternative demographic with a heavy dose of costuming.

Established in June of 2012, Markster Con produces, on average, one to two large-scale events per month in various cities across the SouthEast which include pub crawls, dances, geek trivia nights, mingles, photo studio  parties and other social gatherings. Event themes vary, often inspired by fandoms such as Star Wars, Game Of Thrones, SuperHeroes & Villains, Disney, Zombies, Vampires, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, Video Games and even Unicorns, with attendance typically between 150 to 1,000+ people.

Markster Con produces adult-aged events in Atlanta, Athens, and Savannah, Georgia; Charleston, South  Carolina as well as Miami, Florida. In March of 2019 Markster Con expanded into Richmond, Virginia as well as Birmingham, Alabama, with plans to soon expand into the Washington, D.C. area.